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The before pictures and the overall to-do list:

  1. rebuild trackball
  2. new control panel overlay
  3. new t-molding
  4. refurbish coin box

The monitor is a little dirty and the control panel and coin box need work, but overall it's very nice.


Luckily, these sides are good to go.


The control panel isn't, though.


This coinbox is better than Dig Dug's, but it still needs some work.


The monitor (after cleaning): a little burn-in, but that's for far down the road. I took off 24 years of dirt from the monitor (and that's a lot). The blue cardboard monitor bezel had obviously never been taken off before, because I had to remove the staples securing it to the wood.


Still stapled to the back door is the unopened manual, sitting there just as it was in 1981... I'm not opening it. It seems that mice (or some creatures) have eaten some of the instruction sheet. Too bad.


The treasure in this one was this G.I. Joe action figure.




And on the back is most likely the original owner.