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Rebuilding the trackball

If your trackball functions, then you can bring it up to like-new condition by replacing the rollers, bearings, and off-white ball (no, it's not supposed to be yellow). While you're at it, get some Qtips and clean all of the 20-year-old crap out of the crevices beneath the rollers and ball. The whole rebuild process is very easy and quick (10 minutes), cheaper than buying an entire new trackball, and will make your game play leagues better.

An inside view of the trackball assembly. There isn't very much to it.


I installed a new ball while I was at it - the old discolored one on the left, compared to the shiny new one on the right.


A close-up of the rollers. Yes, that's a groove where the ball has worn down the roller. This Cenitpede saw light use back in the day... imagine what a extensively-used game's rollers would look like.


The trackball with all of the new rollers and bearings installed. Be sure to oil the bearings with 3-in-1 oil.