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Coin box installation

With the coin box doors painted and put back together, it's time to install it in the cabinet. I used Rustoleum "textured" black paint on the doors and frame and really like the results - the original paint was textured and though not excactly the same, this paint is much closer than standard black paint.

The coin box assembly back in and working. "Before" photo on the upper left.


A closeup of the upper door and lights. I replaced the reject buttons and springs and printed new "Atari" labels for the buttons. And of course, the cam locks and lamp bulbs were replaced too.


Since it is an easy job, I went ahead and replaced the t-molding at this point.



Control panel work

The final step (for now at least) will be replacing that worn-out control panel overlay. The old one will be stripped off, the panel sanded and polished, and a new overlay will go on.

Step one is getting the old overlay off. Easy enough to do with a paint scraper - it took about 5 minutes. The tough part lies ahead: getting all of that adhesive off...


Using paint stripper made it very easy to get that adhesive off quickly. The metal was sanded and re-painted, then a new overlay was installed.