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Cabinet Painting (continued)

Time for the sides - several coats of flat white.


I decided that the front needed more work, so I sanded and added a few more light coats. Here's the shot after removing the mask.


With the paint mostly dry, it's now time to remove that side mask. Also done just before this was adding four new leg levelers (only one was present before).


This looks leagues better than before. I've also replaced the t-molding. Hot glue helped hold it in around those edges and made for a quick installation.


After re-installing everything, it's now looking good! All good except for the monitor, of course, which is horrible. In fact, it's so bad that you can't see the tunnels when the dirt is dark. I could install new capacitors, which would probably solve the color problems, but is it worth the time and $10 for this piece of garbage? No. It's time to look for a new monitor.