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PCB cleanup

I should have done this long ago, but for whatever reason, didn't. My problems with Centipede convinced me that I needed to take off the ICs and clean the contacts of Dig Dug as well. This cleaning was probably a good idea, considering that they were quite corroded. However, a few chips had corroded to the point where the pins were extremely brittle... and one snapped right off!

Naturally, it was a custom chip (Custom 53). And I wasn't fortunate enough to have an unused pin break either :( As the photo below shows, the Z80s aren't looking good either, but those are cheap. So, I'll be replacing a few chips now. The game actually ran despite the broken pin, but it was quite unstable.

24 years of dirt and crap will make your ICs look like this!



PCB cleanup (continued)

The new custom chips arrived and after installing them (and reseating the other chips), Dig Dug is alive and well.

"New" style Atari Dig Dug board (as opposed to the "Old" style board)



Project Complete

Dig Dug is now finished! I might make a new back door one of these days, as the original door was tossed out in favor of a cheap piece of thin plywood. But, for now it's completely done.

The final product.