New Arrival

We (my wife and I) actually bought the car a few days earlier, but the clutch line was bone dry. Since it was dark and cold (and since the previous owner was kind enough to let us come back at a later time and rummage around his driveway to work on it!), we came back on Saturday to bleed the clutch hydraulics and get it home (preferably under its own power). I forgot the pressure bleeder, so Meredith had to help me out. And she was kind enough to take some photos as I was sorting out the hydraulics. The car did start, but in light of other difficulties, we bypassed the original plan of taking it home and instead took it straight to the shop to await restoration.

On-location, tackling the engine to reach the slave cylinder. It's easier to do this job without the engine cover. I removed the louvre too because it was just going to get taken off anyway.

Brake fluid with a case of Black Death! After this, the car was able to move (see background for possible backup plan). And the problems with the clutch hydraulics don't matter, I'll be replacing everything in that department.

Making room at the shop. (In case you couldn't tell, the project car is in the background.)

Paint work is in in store for the future...

... And plenty of interior work too.

More "to do" items in the paint category.

Leather as tough as beef jerky and with the original plastic frame.

Meredith checks out the fascia.

That's an average of only 940 miles/year (even less by the time I get done with it!)