A whole lot of... not much.

Not much has happened in the past 2.5 months, at least in terms of progress on #3281. My Land Rover (daily driver) has required some attention and that has stalled things a bit. Now it neads head gaskets (argh!). I've also decided to do some winter maintenance on #6344, which is taking longer that I had hoped. So, maybe work can resume in the spring. I do have a new camera since the last page, so the photos are going to get better.

In an quick effort to feel like I've made at least some miniscule amount of progress, I ripped off the passenger headliner and tossed it out (it's beyond hope). I wonder what that "F" is for... hopefully not "failed!"

The engine cover was still off from fetching the car and since the louvre struts are shot, I just took all of that off too. I did spruce up the license plate cover. Wow, talk about progress...

And the grill got some much-needed attention too.


Not much, continued

Still no progress on #3281, which was ingloriously pushed into the far bay out at the shop, as it staunchly refuses to start. It's getting pushed down the priority list again, since the weather is starting to get hot again and I need A/C in #6344! Now just a couple of projects stand in the way of getting started.

Going up! Note pile of Land Rover engine parts on the left... one more reason why no progress has been made :(

Kirk, another local owner and friend, came by to complete a few repairs to his car.

The only thing better than two DeLoreans at the garage is three.

Project car awaiting restoration work.


Not much, continued

I've finished up a few projects, so now I'm down to the air conditioning and then I'll be ready to start ripping apart #3281, probably after I get back from the DMC (Texas) Open House, which will definitely push me to get my act together for that A/C; Houston is a HOT place!

I also ordered a bunch of parts and finalized (for now) my parts list. It's a big one! In fact, I had to write a small web-based software application to help me keep track of what parts I already have and what I still need to purchase. That will help me manage parts logistics as well as keep track of the financial aspects of the project.