Engine Excavation

Now that the body is out of the way, it's time to pluck out the engine and transmission. My biggest mistake here was not removing the axles while the frame was up in the air; that would have been a LOT easier! And I wasted some time because the chains that came with my hoist weren't nearly long enough and the connectors were not suitable for an engine with lift rings already present; a quick trip to Tractor Supply fixed those problems, though these issues could have been dealt with earlier with some foresight. Oh well.

Engine hoist in position.

Starting to lift the engine out!

All clear. Next the transmission will have to be removed, but I need some longer M10 bolts to attach the engine to the stand.

This was an entire DeLorean about 36 hours ago...

Another view of the engine-less frame.

Almost ready for transmission removal.

(Skip a while) Transmission removed. It took a while, because I forgot to remove the flywheel plate, which got mangled to the point where I couldn't get the bolts out, so I had to keep pulling and destroy it in the process... the first casualty!

One Renault UN-1 transmission, complete with mangled flywheel plate.

The PRV, moved from the hoist onto the stand.

The old clutch still had plenty of life in it, but not knowing the condition of it until now, I already have a new one awaiting installation.

Left side of engine - the catalytic converter heatsheild is in good shape.

Right side - it looks like a new stove will be added to the list.