Frame Tear-down

Now that the engine is out, it's time to start stripping down the frame. There are quite a few bits to remove, but so far it hasn't been too bad. My process has been to walk around the frame, find something suitable for removal, remove the piece and bag/store it, and then repeat. The impact wrench definitly came in VERY handy for a few suspension and brake nuts.

Radiator/condenser, all brake plumbing, and steering rack removed! Now we need to take off the rotors, springs, and shocks...

The muffler doesn't look any better now that it's out of the car, either. I can't justify spending $500 on a new muffler, especially when the long-term goal is to replace the engine in #6344 (and then I can use it's good muffler on this car). Luckliy, the metal isn't soft, it's just rusty. I have a plan.

The heater piping and A/C hose is all removed.

More of the cooling system piping is gone as are the motor mounts - they weren't too bad, but the rubber wasn't terribly good either. New ones will be fitted.

Most frames that I've seen have a four digit VIN-ish number on the back. Mine says "13." Is it just a random number or is it an omen?