Frame Build-up

Now that the inside walls of the frame have been treated, it's time to start building a car around it. I'm starting with the small pieces and working my way on to the larger parts. With the frame on tall jack stands, it's fairly easy to get underneath, so the internal pieces will come first. A creeper is very handy for this task.

Gear shift linkage, brake plumbing, and new motor mounts installed.

Fuel tank: squeaky clean on the inside and with an updated fuel sender (that one came with the car).

The tank plate was also powdercoated and stainless steel bolts were used underneath.

The original brake hoses have been replaced with upgraded parts. These are the stainless-braided Goodridge hoses that were custom made for the DeLorean. New trailing arm bolt bushings were installed too.

More brake plumbing installed up front. Additionally, all of those black plastic clips that hold the lines to the frame have been replaced as needed. Most of them broke off during disassembly (or were already broken).

Since the car had the original 26-year-old radiator (a well-known failure point with its plastic side tanks), it was replaced with a heavy duty three-row all-brass unit. The radiator supports were also blasted and painted with POR-15. Also note the re-plated lower radiator and horn support brackets.

End of frame build-up day one!