Transmission Overhaul

I'm finally to the point of addressing a few of the common issues with the transmission. This particular car didn't appear to have problems, but if the transmission is already out of the car, there's no better time to go ahead and crack it open. Besides, throwing the transmission back in as-is would be cutting a big corner (bad)! Here we go:

Bell housing removed to expose nasty old gear oil. Be sure to drain it first! I had drained all fluids before disassembly.

"Front" seal removed (front for the DeLorean). Removing the fifth gear detent ball screw is a pain... heating it with a torch seemed to help. The two big nuts that you see here cause a somewhat common problem: the Renault factory didn't tighten all of them down enough and they start to back off of the shaft... if they completely back off, it'll punch a hole in the rear case, dump the oil on the highway, and toast your transmission!

Each nut has an indention where it has been flattened against the notch on the shaft. Here's the top nut, which looks good.

Here's the bottom nut, which has started to unscrew itself! It has a long way to go, but as soon as the indention clears the notch, my guess is that it would be a lot easier to continue unscrewing... this is after ~23.6k miles.