Body Re-attachment

Almost a year later, it's finally time to reattach the body! It doesn't run yet and it'll still be a little while before it can be driven, but this is a big step! With the car back in one main piece, I'm reminded of just how bad the rest of it looks and how much work is still ahead. Most of my hard work to date is now hidden! Argh!

For the moment, I'll need to put #3281 on the back-burner for a little while - I have some other car projects that need attention (and I need that lift for a few things that I've been putting off for a while!). I will do a proper before-and-after comparison, though.

The chassis was rolled outside in order to clean up the underbody and floor.

Fuel hoses (with nice, new plated fittings) attached.

The underbody, mid-way through a good soapy scrubbing.

Wheel dollies were essential in order to get the body lined-up easily. After that, all of the bolts were torqued-down to specification.

Lift off!

There's a picture like this from about a year ago!