Stainless steel re-texturing and installation

Finally, some worthwhile results!

As previously mentioned, I am replacing the damaged right fender (complete with an antenna hole) with a cross-scratched, but otherwise perfect used fender. A damaged right fender with an antenna hole is worthless, so it's a suitable guinea pig to use while building re-texturing skills. I loaded an orbital sander with some 60-grit sandpaper and created some cringe-worthy scratches on the fender. This section was then re-textured with the Wolfhead wheel setup mentioned previously. The damage that I created was actually far worse than the damage on the fender that I will be repairing, but it made for a good test.

Once satisfied with the results of the test repair, the real right fender was bolted to the work bench (it helps to bolt it down - you don't want the fender moving while you're texturing or else the results won't be good!) and it was completely re-grained.

Finally, with all of the necessary fiberglass restoration completed, the damaged pieces back from rehab in Texas, and my in-house repairs to the right fender finished, the stainless steel panels were re-installed onto the underbody.

Intentionally-created orbital sander grain.

Another angle of the cross-grain.

The same panel after re-texturing the damaged section.

Another angle of the test panel.

Enough practice. Now onto the real right fender! Here are the small scratches that need to be removed.

Re-texturing in progress.

The end result!

Another angle of the finished product.

... and one more.

The panels are now loosely attached to the car. Final alignment will be made later.

It's starting to look like a real DeLorean again.

Here's a flashback to a pre-purchase photo - it's a close up of the damage to the right quarter panel.

And here's that same panel after being mended. Good as new! (And back on the car, too!)