Dissassembly Process

Phase 1 will consist of getting the body off of the car, then refurbishing the rolling chassis. So, the first step of the restoration process will be to remove the body, then strip everything off of the frame. When it's down to a bare frame, the frame will be restored, then the car will be built back up.

It's easy to lift the body off - putting it all back together is more challenging.

With the body out of the way, everything on the frame is easily accessible.

The next big step is to remove the engine and transmission, which will then be put away.

This engine is filthy, but has no major problems.

Frames usually have a handwritten number on the back (typically a VIN-like number that doesn't match the car's actual VIN), but this one has a lucky "13."

Some parts that get removed go straight to the recycle (or trash) bin. These old shocks and springs are a good example - they're very much used and are worthless.

This is the reason why the frame came off - this isn't significant rust, but will be addressed thoroughly nonetheless.

More dirt, grime, and rust.

Down to the bone! The frame will now be sent off for epoxy removal and powder coating.