Interior Disassembly

The exterior is coming along nicely, but now it's time to switch gears and address the interior.

Leather removed! One foam was stamped August 1981 and the other October 1981, though the car has an August build date... somewhat typical for DeLoreans.

Seat #2 being re-trimmed.

And the final product, sitting out in the sun to help tighten up the leather slightly.

The carpets were nasty, so they've been removed and binned, as well.

Another thing to do is to "de-Lucas" the key electric components. The Lucas relays are removed and replaced with new Bosch relays. Also, the circuit breakers are upgraded, solving known issues with the blower motor and cooling fans. Note the one in the upper right: not only is it goofy-looking and non-stock, but it's underrated! This is all replaced with the proper long-lasting components.

One of the A-pillar trim pieces was warped (typical for sun-damaged vehicles). To replace it, the windshield must come out.

The original rusty sunvisor (and headliner) retainer brackets were removed and replaced with these stainless steel brackets and screws. In another thirty years when the headliners have to come out again, rust will not be an issue.