DeLorean Engine Rebuild

This DeLorean has experienced a massive head gasket failure. Exhaust gas was present in the coolant and there was plenty of coolant in the oil after less than 1000 miles. With this volume of coolant loss into the oil, the liner seals were probably shot as well. Since this engine has a little over 88k miles under its belt, there are only a couple of reasonable options: replace the whole engine or completely rebuild it. In this case, it will be rebuilt, but either way, the PRV is coming out!

While the car is off the road, the project will be greatly expanded to address a few other areas of this vehicle that need attention and to improve other systems in the car.

Let's get started!

Disassembly Process

Preparing to pull the engine out; much has been removed at this point, including the rear fascia, intake and fuel components, coolant hoses, and wiring.

Going up! Pardon the clutter - they call it "spring cleaning" for a reason. And it's definitely not spring!

Axle shafts out and transmission linkage disconnected.