Assembly Phase Begins

This project turns a corner.

Here are the brake calipers, back from being yellow zinc plated.

These just look great. It's too bad they'll eventually be covered with brake dust.

There are tons of parts on the DeLorean that were originally plated, but have lost their luster since this car rolled off the assembly line in Belfast thirty years ago. So why stop at just plating the calipers? All of the easily-accessible bits that were originally plated have been removed, cleaned, bead-blasted, and re-plated. The zinc plated finish will last a long time while also maintaining an original finish. These should be good to go for another thirty years. Refinishing the pieces this way takes a lot more time, but small details like this will make a dramatic aesthetic improvement to the entire car.

It will be a while before the car is ready for these: assembled brake calipers with stainless steel pistons and new hardware.

The luggage compartment has been cleaned, sanded, and repainted (and riv-nuts were replaced where needed). Here it is getting reassembled with new hardware.

The bonnet and grill are back on - that looks a lot better.

Back to the rear suspension: the worn-out wheel bearings have been replaced and the new Inconel trailing arm bolts have been installed.

Part of this project involves adding lowered springs. As such, the rear lower control arms were modified to be adjustable in length, which will allow for proper camber adjustment with the new springs. Also, the inner cavities of the frame were thoroughly coated with Waxoyl (residue seen on the frame).

The brake rotors were turned and still have plenty of life left in them. And, of course, these front hubs have new wheel bearings as well.

The frame was also cleaned and restored where needed. The rubber heater hoses are also getting replaced with silicone hoses, which should last essentially forever. All wearable parts that are anywhere near old will be replaced "while we're in there" to ensure they'll be set for another thirty years. The motor mounts are a good example of this motto in practice.