Suspension and Soundproofing

The original shocks and springs are completely worn-out. As such, they'll be replaced with new and improved components. Here's an original rear spring compared to a new Eibach spring - the new springs are slightly shorter, which will bring the car a touch closer to the ground and give it better handling.

The front suspension is back in, now it's time for the brakes.

The front is complete and everything has been properly torqued to specifications. Now onto the rear suspension...

Rear suspension back together, working on the brakes.

These SPAX shocks are adjustable, allowing the suspension to be tweaked to just the right setting. Also, these are factory powdercoated in black as opposed to the standard yellow from SPAX. The black coat won't stand out and will give the car a much more original look.

Fully rebuilt rear calipers, installed with new pads.

Even small parts like this clip will be replaced if broken (and this one was).

After bleeding the brakes, the wheels can go on and the DeLorean can now stand on its own again.

The lowered springs result in a nice even distance between the tire and fender - this is how the DeLorean should have looked from the factory! The lug nuts that came off were worn, not stock, or both, so this car gets new lug nuts all around.

Back inside and moving along to the interior. The factory "soundproofing" is lousy. After thirty years, most of it is cracked and deteriorating too. The new exhaust system that will be going on this car will be much louder than the original, so improvements are needed. To combat the noise, the rear deck has been gutted and all of the cruddy original foam has been scraped out, then the fiberglass was thoroughly cleaned to remove the old adhesive.

Part one of the soundproofing is to apply Dynamat to all of the fiberglass surfaces back here. This will provide a first layer of defense for engine and road noise coming through the bulkhead and around the wheels.

Part two of the soundproofing is to apply this 1/2" acoustical foam directly on top of the Dynamat. It's the same height as the factory foam that was scraped out and will go in all of the same places (and a few more) to completley cover the bulkhead and the parcel shelf. This two-punch combination will help make driving this car more enjoyable and everything will look completely stock once all of the carpet is back in place.