Testing and Finishing Touches

Fast forwarding a bit more, the engine has been started (and the car has once again moved under its own power)!

With the basics back in order once again, a four-wheel alignment will be done and the fuel mix will be set properly with a gas analyzer. After that, it will be driven ~500 miles to thoroughly test it and break everything in. After the break-in, it will return for an inspection and some service, then it should be set for a while.

The 500 mile break-in has been finished and the car did well. Now the DeLorean is back to the garage for an inspection and basic service. An overall examination will be done to make sure that everything is in good order, the gearbox and engine oil will be changed (to synthetic oils), and the valves will be checked and adjusted as needed. Getting the air conditioning operational again was on the agenda, but since fall has set in, that can wait until spring.

The interior is all back in order with new window switches to replace ones that broke during removal.

A thorough wash is the last finishing touch.

And with that, this project is done! This DeLorean is better than ever and should be set for another thirty years of driving. The engine and suspension upgrades are a tremendous improvement over their stock counterparts. This car is a LOT of fun to drive! To recap, here are the highlights of this project:

  • Complete engine rebuild
    • High-performance camshafts (DMC Europe)
    • Ported/polished heads
    • New 1983-style wiring harness
    • Powder coated intake and engine covers
  • New/performance stainless steel exhaust system (DMC Stage 1)
  • New/performance suspension components
    • Eibach springs + SPAX shocks
    • Adjustable rear lower control arms
    • New trailing arm bolts (Inconel "Toby TABs")
    • New wheel bearings
  • Brake system overhaul
    • New master cylinder
    • Calipers stripped, bead-blasted, re-plated, and rebuilt (w/ stainless steel pistons)
  • Transmission "bulletproofing"
    • New gaskets and seals
    • Stainless steel axle shaft sleeves
    • Reinforced 2nd gear roll pin
  • Repainted fiberglass in luggage and engine areas
  • Repainted louvers, engine cover
  • Replated yellow zinc bits where applicable
  • Two-layer cabin soundproofing (dampener + absorber)
  • New weather stripping
  • New labels throughout
  • Plenty of "while you're in there" bits throughout