Jaguar XJ6

As previously stated, the goal for this car is to make it one of the absolute best examples of Series 3 XJ6s on the road. And this is a great example to start with; it's in supurb stock condition and has (obviously) been kept in top shape over the years. For once (around here, at least), the previous owners did a good job!

But, it's a 30-year-old Jaguar... there are a few things wrong (and probably more to come as we shake out all of the issues), so let's get to work.

Pre-Delivery Photos

This is certainly a good way to start off a project.

The interior trim is exceptionally clean, which is important, because much of it is no longer available.

There are only a few blemishes up front, but all of the critical bits are in superb condition.

There's none of the typical rust around the windows and it's clean from bow to stern.

This car is about as original/stock as it gets - right down to its Lucas fuses and Jaguar wiper blades.