Jaguar XJ6

After renewing all of the fluids and reviewing the car, the initial list of improvements is made. We'll start off with the most-critical and then simply work on whatever happens to be at the top of the list at any given time.

Initial Repairs

The fuel injector hoses were hard and cracked. This is a problem, since a high-pressure fuel system with leaky hoses over a hot engine can lead to a really bad day. The hoses in the engine compartment were replaced using new "barrier" fuel injection hose (and new proper fuel injection hose clamps, of course), which is compatible with harsh bio-fuels and ethanol. The rest of the hoses are in the trunk (the "boot") and those were also replaced with the same upgraded hose.

This car had a fairly bad oil leak, which was traced to the two oil cooler hoses. Those were binned and replaced with these new hoses and... no more oil leaks!

Not shown, but worth noting: there was also a fairly large leak from the transmission pan gasket. I originally replaced it with a genuine (cork) gasket using Permatex "The Right Stuff" selant (which is a combination that works great in the DeLorean). That worked for about two weeks, the the flood gates opened! I replaced it again, the second time with a neoprene gasket (still using "The Right Stuff") and there hasn't been a drop since.

This car came with extremely worn generic keys that didn't work well at all and will just cause excessive wear on the locks. A set of NOS keys were sourced and cut from code - not copied from a worn copy - which makes it just like it was when it left the factory. These look great and work perferctly in all of the locks.

Aside from an INOP horn, which was simply a loose inline fuse holder, that does it for the critical repairs (for now) and we can move onto other items.