Replacement Rear View Mirror

Adding a New Auto-Dimming Mirror with HomeLink to a Range Rover Classic

Over the past year, the RRC's rear view mirror went from acceptable to awful. Like most old auto dimming mirrors, it broke and the liquid leaked out into the mirror glass. I couldn't stand looking at it anymore and decided to replace it. NOS originals are $$$$ (if you can even find them) and I'm assuming those will break in short order.

I decided to replace it with a Gentex 313, which I found (for a Mazda) on eBay for $80. It looks very stock because Gentex makes rear view mirrors for a lot of cars. I lost the map lights which I never used once, but in exchange I got a compass and... HomeLink! There will be no more bulky garage door opener adorning this Range Rover's sun visor!

Looking at this unsightly mess every day became intolerable.


The Range Rover's rear view mirror has a harness that clips up well into the headliner. You can either remove the headliner to remove the harness, or do your solder work in the vehicle. I opted for the latter. The Gentex comes with a generic harness and you can simply clip off the RRC connector, solder the Gentex clip on, and you'll be left with a working mirror and absolutely no hacking on the Range Rover's wiring harness!

There are three wires coming off of the Range Rover: two grounds and one switched 12v. The Gentex harness has three wires: one for one ground, one switched 12v, and one constant 12v. The reality is that the constant 12v does not seem to be needed. I guess it's for the HomeLink, but as long as you don't care that it will not work when the ignition is off, the switched power will work fine. I just soldered the two Gentex power wires to the RRC's switched power, then soldered the Gentex ground to one of the RRC's ground wires, leaving the extra ground unstripped. And that's it!

Here's the Gentex clip sticking out. Use the wiring bezel (that black thing that goes from the mirror to the headliner) that came with the Gentex - it ends up looking a lot better than trying to use the RRC's. The RRC's is shown here and I swapped them right after this photo was taken.

Also, use the locking screw from the RRC mirror - the one that comes with the Gentex does not work adequately. The thread sizes are the same. The stock anchor (the metal thing glued to the windshield) will work perfectly with the stock screw.

And here's the finished product after calibrating the compass (three slow turns in a circle). HomeLink: check! Compass: check! Unsightly liquid: gone! Garage door opener clipped to the visor: gone!