1995 Range Rover Classic Mini-Overhaul

Phase 2: Underneath

Plenty of work was done underneath too, but the photos are nonexistant...

This is a photo from after the fact, but changing the gearbox filter is a chore. The sway bar must be disconnected, the y-pipe must come out, the frame must be "separated" (forced slightly), and the crossmember must come out. And, of course, there are plenty of rusty fasteners that must be addressed upon reassembly. While doing that task, the gearbox pan had slight surface rust, so it was sandblasted and re-plated in the proper yellow zinc.

All leaks were fixed, as well.

Onto the body work. This car was originally from upstate New York, but went to New Mexico after that. Even so, most of the original fasteners have significant corrosion by this point and the riv-nuts have become detached from the tailgate. All of that will be replaced.

After breaking in the camshaft, charging the air conditioning, and going for a test drive, it's time to turn attention to the interior.