AG-5B Tiger

There were only a little over 1500 Tigers ever made. And those were made by four different companies over the course of four decades with some dramatic changes along the way. N6500E is a 2005 AG-5B Tiger and is the sixth from last of the Tigers made by the final manufacturer, Tiger Aircraft, in Martinsburg, WV.

"Not many airplanes can claim a following that rises to cult status but the Tiger is certainly on the short list. With sporty good looks, snappy handling and respectable speed, the Tiger has a loyal owner community that borders on the fanatical." - Aviation Consumer, June 2005

"It's funny. Pipers and Cessnas and Beeches and Rockwells each have their distinctive qualities, but somehow the Grumman Americans are so different from the rest that it's almost as if they came from another country that had its own indigenous technology." - Air Progress, August 1977

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