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Problems surface...

Maybe the previous owner was right and the thing didn't work after all!

Blue Screen of Death, Centipede style.



Centipede lives!

Fixing the BSoD was actually pretty easy. After poking around the test points with the multimeter, voltages on the PCB looked normal. Next I removed the board and cleaned up the contacts using a contact cleaner pen (which worked very well). The board was actually quite clean, with little residue on the contacts. So, I removed all of the socketed ICs and cleaned those as well, then re-installed everything. When I plugged the board back in, Centipede fired right up and stayed on without error for 30 minutes. With crossed fingers, I hope that this problem has been resolved.

Somewhere around 05/20/2004

Coin box work

There aren't many photos of this section of the restoration, but I stripped the paint off of the coin box doors and the frame and repainted everything (including the coinbox itself). While that's going on, we'll move on to the trackball.

No matter how nice the game is, the coin box seems to always need some work.


How it looks now.