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The restoration of a classic Dig Dug arcade game from 1982. Purchased in "very used" condition from an amusement equipment auction and a definite eye-sore when it first arrived, my goal was to attempt to make it look like it has been sitting in someone's basement for the past 22 years (instead of a variety of grease-infested pizza buffets and arcades).

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This Centipede cabaret was not something I was actively looking for, but it was a good find. Overall, it came to me in decent condition, though there are several areas which needed improvement. Unlike Dig Dug, this one HAD been sitting in someone's basement...

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I picked up an "untested" Millipede board. The plan will be to add this to the Centipede cabinet and eventually get MultiPede... of course, the first step will be getting it to work.

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Technical/Service information: a collection of several Dig Dug and Centipede-related technical documents and tips.

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