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Initial to-do list

  1. clean it up!
  2. new control panel overlay
  3. new t-molding
  4. replace monitor
  5. fix marquee lamp
  6. fix coin box doors, locks, and coin mechanisms
  7. fill holes and paint front plate
  8. replace old leaf switch controls with micro switch controls

Dig Dug in full glory after a once-over quick cleaning.


The insides were a bit dirty. This is after a brief clean as well.


This coin box is trashed. The bottom door is locked and I don't have the key. I'll have to break in. And someone drilled holes for a bar on the front... those will have to go.


The bezel is good, but the monitor isn't. (note the staggering Ms. Pac Man burn-in and washed-out colors).


More Ms. Pac Man burn-in.


This is an example of the side, where there are plenty of nicks and scratches and even some chunks taken out. There is no reproduction Dig Dug side artwork, so we'll be restoring this eventually.


Rust on the joystick... that'll get tossed out.


This control panel overlay comes with all of your favorite toppings: grease, grime, and a splash of scratches. Gone.