Shortly after purchasing N6500E, I started trying to find anything Tiger Aircraft-related before it all disappeared.

Step back in time and browse Tiger Aircraft's website (as it looked like in 2005/2006). Sure, you can just go to (which is great and is where this came from, in fact), but that's awfully slow. I've also tried to fill-in the missing bits from various archives where possible.

N6500E at the Factory

A few photos of N6500E at the Tiger Aircraft factory in Martinsburg, WV. Thanks to the AYA for these!

From left to right: Bill Barnwell, Rodney Merchant, Renee Dolfi, Tammy Saylor, Roger Stephens, Patrick Hanshew, Homer Price, Steven Startzman, Richard Hackler, Tisha Weidman.

Bill Crum, VP of Sales and Production Test Pilot at Tiger Aircraft

Tiger Aircraft Factory

A few professional photos from the factory taken for a German flight magazine.